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Choosing a recording studio can sometimes be a daunting task. You’re putting a lot of faith and trust that your music will be treated with respect and given the chance to become the very best it can be, not to mention the financial investment.

At Annex Recording we have over 65 years combined music production experience and know how to deliver the best sounding tracks. We have the best hardware and software, outboard gear and instruments available. But just as important, we care about your music and will work hard to give you the highest quality recording available – not just in Utah, but anywhere.

FadersStudio Services

In-studio tracking, editing, mixing, mastering:

$90 per hour

$800 for a 10-hour day

Project rates available upon request.

FadersMusic Production Packages

(rates may vary depending on services needed)

Full production, radio-ready songs – $1300 per song

*à La Carte Services*
Vocal tuning – $97 per song
Drum editing – $147 per song
Mixing – See structure below
Mastering – $97 per song


Stereo Track and Vocal (Rap, Hip Hop, etc) – $90 to $180 per song (vocal tuning and programming additional upon request)

Classical Mix (Piano, Cello, Violin, etc) – $45.00 -$90.00 per instrument/track

Full Band Mix – 24 tracks or less – $450 (includes vocal tuning, sample augmentation on drums, one mix revision, mp3 reference and instrumental mix)

Full Band Mix – 25 or more tracks – $650 (includes vocal tuning, drum sample augmentation, instrument pocketing, custom fx , automation, mastering, 2 mix revisions, MP3 reference, ISRC codes, instrument mix and basic stems)

FadersRemote editing, mixing, mastering

We get asked all the time to “fix” tracks that have been recorded elsewhere.

Whether you’ve recorded songs at your own home studio, or at another studio and you’re just not quite happy, we can help!

You send us your tracks, we work our magic!

FadersHome Recording Consulting Services

We’ll help you set up and dial-in your home recording studio to get the best sounds possible.

Remote consulting $47 per hour

Onsite consulting $80 per hour plus travel expenses

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Steele Croswhite
Steele Croswhite
"The Annex is a professional work horse studio. The engineers are fantastic: quick, knowledgeable, creative and eager to please both the artist and the producer. Top notch gear, budget prices, I recommend Annex to any artist who wants their recording to be done right the first time."

Eric and Krystal Hunter
Eric Hunter
"Having worked with Annex for over a decade, I have been consistently impressed by the level of their experience and understanding of music and by their ability to help me achieve, and even elevate, the vision of my recording projects with precision and professionalism. They are not only excellent at their craft as artists and engineers, but are fun, patient, and accommodating people who are enjoyable to work with."

Ete AhPing
Ete AhPing
These guys are awesome! I highly recommend Joe Haze if you want a producer/engineer who will put his guts into helping you make the best recording. He has a ton of knowledge and experience (he worked on some big projects in L.A) and will use it to help you get the sound that you want. His approach is unique and customized for each project. Very detailed oriented and hands on. You will not regret!

Dago Marino
Dago Marino (The Last Look)
"Great quality recording. Nice selection of studio gear. Most important, good people that really try to catch the spirit of the project and facilitate the process."

Jonathan Williams
Jonathan Williams
"The Annex is awesome! They have a full staff of engineers that all have a ton of experience in the music industry. We have recorded a few songs here and the quality is top notch, professional quality. Great place."

Steve Nelson
Steven Sharp Nelson
"Recorded 2 of my albums at Annex and was more than satisfied. I have referred MANY projects their way. The recording staff is sharp--they know their stuff, can do anything you need them too, they are "kick-back," no-stress, and friendly (very nice to have under tight deadlines typical of music projects). I have always felt very comfortable and confident when I record there. They have TOP-OF-THE-LINE equipment. I have recorded at MANY studios, and the mic they have there for my cello is the best I have heard. Five stars!! I wouldn't hesitate to use them again for ANY project."

Isaac mic
"Annex Recording has the best staff, best gear and all around best environment to get exactly the desired outcome of any music genre. I give a huge amount of credit to the success of my songs to Annex Studios because they listen and transform the musical idea in your head to a masterpiece."

American Hollow
American Hollow
"Great quality recording. Nice selection of studio gear. Most important, good people that really try to catch the spirit of the project and facilitate the process."

Paul Cardall
Paul Cardall
"I've had the privilege of recording various albums at the Annex in Draper, Utah. What I love most is the comfortable, laid back, overall feel the studio provides...You get the album you want."

The Mana Poly All-Stars
"Rob Duffin & Giles Reaves are TOP NOTCH engineers with great insights and incredible skill sets."

New Tragedy
New Tragedy
"With Annex, you're not only going to get the recording you want, you're going to enjoy every moment of it."

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