Gear List


Pro Tools 10 HD 3, D-Command Icon Console, 24 Fader
JBL LSR 6328p with matching subwoofer
Yamaha NS-10′s

Guitars and Basses

Gibson Les Paul
Gibson SG
Fender Stratocaster
Fender Telecaster
Gretsch Country Classic

Fender Jazz Bass (Geddy Lee model)

Fender P Bass

Amplifiers and Cabs

Bad Cat Hot Cat 100
Matchless dc-30
Marshall JCM 2000
Fender Cyber Deluxe
Marshall 4×12 cab
Mesa 4×12 cab
Leslie speaker


Pramberger 7.5′ Grand Piano
Hammond B3 organ
Fender Rhodes
Korg Triton
Axiom 61 USB Midi keyboard


Vintage Gretsch Drumkit – 22×14 kick, 9×13 &, 16×16 toms, Pearl wood Floater Snare, 70′s Pearl brass shell 6×14 snare, Ludwig stainless steel 5×14 snare
“Modern” Gretsch Drumkit – Dimensions upon request


Lawson L47
Lawson FET 251
Royer r-122 (2)
Neumann TLM 103
Shure SM 7
Shure SM 57 (4)
Sennheiser 421 (2)
AKG 414 XLX (2)
AKG c3000 (2)
Audio Technica ATM25 (4)
Audix D6Rode NT2000
Rode NT 2Rode NT5 (4)
Oktava MC 012 (2)
Blue Kickball
Behringer ECM 8000 (2)


Vintage API (5)
Universal Audio LA-610
Universal Audio 6176
Focusrite ISA-428
Avalon U5 DI pre
Digi pre (8)

Outboard Compressors and EQ’s

Purple Audio Action FET Compressor
API 550b EQ
Orban EQ (2 channel)


McDSP Emerald Bundle
Waves Rennaissance Bundle
Sound Toys Native Bundle
Reason v.5
Digidesign HD3 Plug-in bundle
And much more . . .